The Mother Company  Gogreen  Having one of the biggest farms and the largest agricultural project for the cultivation of Jojoba in the Middle East – using modern irrigation methods and solar energy as a major source of energy – it’s our pleasure to introduce our company Go Green for Jojoba Oils Co., as one of the leading Egyptian companies specialized in planting, producing, pressing and Exporting (Conventional & Organic) jojoba for different cosmetics uses. Our Jojoba oil is made from mature Jojoba seeds at our farms located in Egypt – Moghra – El Alamein town.


The Jojoba City  project’s land – 21000 acres located in the Al-Maghra region, the project is located directly on the borders of the new city of El Alamein. It is 54 km from the Mediterranean coast, and the privileged location links the project land with Alexandria Port and Dekheila Port. It is also close to the new airport in New Alamein. The land was acquired in 2012, and it was organized in 2018 according to the contract concluded and owned by a contract signed between the Gogreen Company and the Egyptian government represented by the Egyptian Rural Development Company